Testimony is powerful…what’s your story?

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notepadI heard Andy Hawthorne speak at a conference a while ago and one thing in particular that he said has stuck with me; that testimony is powerful. Over the last two years I have been sharing testimony with you, my story with you through these bulletin articles. I have written over 11,500 words, all of which have been intended to encourage you to live out your Christian faith. God challenged me to be open, honest and authentic in what I write. This has certainly been challenging at times; there are things I’ve shared that have been hard to put into print. But I believe what Andy Hawthorne spoke about, that telling your story, sharing your testimony is powerful.
It’s mostly women who make comments about my articles and who stop and chat for a few minutes about what I’ve written. This has intrigued me as I always set out to write to encourage men. But the comments reveal how when we peal back the spotless cover we all like to live under and let someone else see how life is actually going it is encouraging. When people see others work though difficulties and share their own problems it gives others hope. I believe God takes my simple, honest words and does something powerful with them.
And now I invite you men to do the same. I want other men in Elim Ryedale Church to start speaking out; to start writing here in this space in the bulletin. Each month there is the opportunity for you to share the highs, lows, the incredible and the ordinary of your Christian life. My words are not the only ones that should appear here. It’s time for you to share, for you to write; for God to take your story and do something incredible.
So there are a few simple rules: 1. This is a space for men to write, as part of the bigger picture of MPower, Elim’s Men’s Ministry. 2. You must write with honesty and openness.

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