Becky Dale Youth Leader


Becky has a passion for young people to know God’s love and to be empowered to live for Him.  Becky has worked with young people in school settings over the last four years and is currently training to be a social worker. Together with her husband Tom they run Ablaze on Tuesday evenings – guaranteed lots of fun and laughter!

Ablaze welcomes young people aged 11 -16

Ablaze Youth Activities 

Tuesdays Ablaze Youth Group @ Elim Ryedale Church Centre 7:30pm-9:00pm.

Ablaze Logo


Chill It Nights are about relaxing; come play table tennis or pool, chat with friends, meet people whilst we also tantalise your tastebuds with snacks!


Mix It Nights are about focussing on the Community and how Young People can serve to make a difference to the lives of others.


Play It Nights are about being active; a wide range of activities from Beach Games or Paintballing to Sporting Activities like Golf or Waterworld.


Discuss It Nights are about having a really good discussion on all those issues that crop up on social media or amongst our friends over a cuppa.


Raise It Nights are about raising money; not only to fund weekends away for the Youth Group but also for charities such as Compassion, Comic Relief or Children in Need.


Apply It Nights are about exploring Christian Issues; we intersperse fun activities with learning about how we can become better people for God.



Ablaze Youth on a Sunday

On a Sunday we meet together as a whole church at Norton College at 10:30am and after the first part of the service the young people leave the main service to go to Ablaze Youth, which takes place in one of the classrooms. This time spent together is about learning how to apply what the Bible says to our every day lives via interactive activities. It’s easy to ‘talk the talk,’ but what about ‘walking the walk?’ This is not always so easy; so we get together to learn, discuss, pray and encourage each other.