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John Waller – “Preparing For Christmas” 9th Dec

Malcolm Dyer – “Setting The Captives Free” 2nd Dec


Malcolm Dyer – “Loving God Loving People 2” 25th Nov

Youth Takeover – “The Interview” 18th Nov

Chris Cartwright – “The Church” 11th Nov

Malcolm Dyer – “Loving God, Loving People Part 1” 4th Nov


Malcolm Dyer – “Your Past Is Not Your Future” 28th Oct

Sara Abbey – “Season Shift” 21st Oct

Malcolm, Emily & Mark – “Faith At Work” 14th Oct (sorry we missed the beginning)

John Waller – “Continuing Warfare” 7th Oct


Graeme Parkins – “Living Waters Will Flow From YOUR Heart”

Stuart Blount – “Revelation” 23rd Sept

John Waller – “The Armour Of God” 16th Sept

Graeme Parkins – “Household Of God” 9th Sept

Malcolm Dyer – “Children Of God” 2nd Sept


Graeme Parkins – “Pursuing Maturity In Christ” 26th Aug

Malcolm Dyer – “The Love Of God” 19th Aug

John Waller – “Mysteries” 12th Aug

Malcolm Dyer – “From Exclusion To Inclusion” 5th Aug


Sara Abbey – “Grace Of God” 29th July

John Waller – ” Ephesians The Power Of God” 22nd July

Church In The Forest – Dalby 15th July

Malcolm Dyer – “Ephesians The Blessings Of God” 8th July

Malcolm Dyer – “Introducing Ephesians” 1st July


Graeme Parkins – “Leading The Next Generation” 24th June

Malcolm Dyer – “Promised Land & Kingdom Living” 17th June

Trish Waller – “The Visionary Sees Beyond” 10th June

Malcolm Dyer – “Doing Good Being Like Jesus” 3rd June


Elie Razzouk – “He Is Our Shepherd” 27th May

John Waller – “A Place Called Pentecost” 20th May

Kevin Pickup – “BAB Church” 13th May

Malcolm Dyer – “Slaying Your Giants” 6th May


Malcolm Dyer – “Building Bigger People” 29th Apr

Andy Lenton – “Temples of God’s Spirit” 22nd Apr

Malcolm Dyer – “His Resurrection Is My Resurrection” 15th Apr

Malcolm Dyer – “His Death Is My Death” 8th Apr

Malcolm Dyer – “Why The Resurrection Of Jesus Matters” 1st Apr


Malcolm Dyer – “Generosity Gratitude & Giving – Part 2” 25th Mar

Malcolm Dyer – “Generosity Gratitude & Giving – Part 1” 18th Mar

Sara Abbey “Gods Love For Us” 11th Mar

Dave North  “God Loves You” 4th Mar


John Waller “Singing In A Strange Land” 25th Feb

Ablaze “Limitless” 18th Feb

Malcolm Dyer – “Forever I Am Changed” 11th Feb

Graeme Parkins – “Holy Spirit” 4th Feb


John Waller – “Gracious Hand Of God” 28th Jan

Malcolm Dyer – “Invitation To A Party” 21st Jan

Malcolm Dyer – “Hitting The Target” 14th Jan

Malcolm Dyer – “The Lords Supper Part 2” 7th Jan



Malcolm Dyer “The Lords Supper Part 1” 31st Dec

Trish Waller “Coming Ready Or Not” 24th Dec

Carroll Service FULL 17th Dec

Malcolm Dyer “Jesus Light Of The World” 17th Dec

Malcolm Dyer “Jesus – Light And Life” 10th Dec

Malcolm Dyer “Healing” 3rd Dec


Grace Abbey “Drop Your Rocks” 26th Nov

Malcolm Dyer “You Had One Job” 19th Nov

Malcolm Dyer “Remaining In Christ” 12th Nov

Malcolm Dyer “SuperMan & Wonder Woman Not Required” 5th Nov


Geoff Bowell “Conflict And Covering” 29th Oct

Malcolm Dyer “Fighting Back” 22nd Oct

Malcolm Dyer “The End Of The World… Again” 15th Oct

Malcolm Dyer “Walking With God” 8th Oct

Graeme Parking “Extraordinary Life” 1st Oct


Malcolm Dyer “Go And Make Disciples” 24th Sept

Malcolm Dyer “Kingdom Living” 17th Sept

10th Sept – Due to an error this podcast is unavailable

Grace Abbey “Through Not Out” 3rd Sept


Graeme Parkins “Christ Formed In You” 27th August

Sara Abbey “What’s In A Name” 20th August

Claire Robinson “Bridging The Gap” 13th August

Steve Camps “CAP” 6th August


Malcolm Dyer “God Is Good” 30th July

Peter Clothier “God’s Righteousness 2” 23rd July

Peter Clothier “God’s Righteousness” 16th July

Andy Lancaster “God Hasn’t Finished With You Yet” 9th July

Grace Abbey “Sir We Would See Jesus” 2nd July


Graeme Parkins “The Holy Spirit Gods Guarantee” 25th June

Graeme Parkins “The Holy Spirit Gives Life” 18th June

Mark Witherden “Hope” 11th June

Sara Abbey “Fear Failure Or Freedom” 4th June


Grace Abbey “Crowns” 28th May

Phil Niblett “The Work Of The Holy Spirit 2” 21st May

Phil Niblett “The Work Of The Holy Spirit” 14th May

“Elim Missions” 7th May


Gordon Neale “The Good Samaritan” 30th April

Dilys Chapman “Growth & Fruitfulness” 23rd April

Graeme Parkins “Easter Sunday” 16th April

Lionel Currie “He’s God And We’re Not 3” 9th April

Lionel Currie “He’s God And We’re Not 2” 2nd April


Sara Abbey “Relationships” Mothers Day 26th March

Sara Abbey “God Is For You” 19th March

Lionel Currie “He’s God And We’re Not 1” 12th March

Mark Stone “God Restores As We Return” 5th March


Andy Holmes “Recognising The Voice Of God” 26th February

Graeme Parkins “Honour The Lordship Of Jesus” 19th February

Cause of Christ by Jess Weatherill

Jeroen Bakker “The Church” 12th Feruary

Sara Abbey “Lift Up Your Eyes” 6th February


Graeme Parkins “How To Renew The Priority Of Fellowship” 29th January

Andy Holmes “Going Deeper In Your Prayer Life” 22nd January

Grace Abbey “Changes” 15th January

Gordon Neale “Dealing With Bad News” 8th January


December 2016

Sara Abbey “Look Closer This Christmas” 18th December (Full Carol Service)

Graeme Parkins “That They May be One” 11th December

Graeme Parkins “Jesus Led Them Up The Mountain – Part 2” 4th December

November 2016

Gordon Neale “God’s Word is Alive” 27th November

Graeme Parkins “Jesus Led Them Up The Mountain – Part 1” 20th November

Grace Abbey “Remembering” 13th November

Lionel Currie “Overcoming Temptation part 3” 6th November

October 2016

Lionel Currie “Overcoming Temptation part 2” 30th October

Lionel Currie “Overcoming Temptation part 1” 23rd October

Andy Boxall “Last Words” 16th October

Andy Boxall “Who You Gonna Call?” 9th October

Andy Boxall “Nothing to Add Four” 2nd October

September 2016

Andy Boxall “Nothing to Add Three” 25th September

Andy Boxall “Nothing to Add Two” 18th September

Andy Boxall – “Nothing to Add” 11th September

Andy Boxall – “Summer Reload : Reaffirm” 4th September

August 2016

Sara Abbey – “Summer Reload : Regret” 28th August

Andy Boxall – Summer Reload : Review” 21st August

Graeme Parkins – “Summer Reload : Reengage” 14th August

Andy Boxall – “Summer Reload : Remind” 7th August