Elim Ryedale Church believes that prayer is an important function of the church, not just on a personal level but corporately too.  The bible exhorts us to “pray continually” and to “devote yourselves to prayer”, we therefore take this instruction seriously.




Anybody attending Sunday morning services can also complete a Prayer Card which are available from the Welcome Desk.  The person on the Welcome Desk will then hand any cards to the person leading the meeting.  We also have Praise Report Cards which we encourage people to complete. It’s brilliant to hear answer to prayer … please continue to complete these cards and let’s encourage one another on in our faith!



Regular Prayer Meetings

‘Boiler Room’ prayer meetings are held every Tuesday at Hope Central between 1.30pm and 2.30pm.  There are also monthly Sunday evening prayer meetings at Hope Central held on the last Sunday of the month at 7.30pm.



Prayer Corner

We need to pray, like we have never prayed before! What with the rapid advance of the Islamic State across Syria and Iraq, the persecution of Christians and other minority religions, the continued conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and the heightened tension caused by the Russian support of the Ukrainian separatists in Ukraine. It is hard to get reliable, unbiased information about these situations but can I encourage you to dig deeper than many of the surface level news reports and Facebook blogs. Here are some suggestions for reliable sources:

It is also difficult to know what we can do but here are a few suggestions but for the full story search ‘Crisis in Iraq – five things you can ACTUALLY do to help’ in Google:

  1. Pray – in informed and specific ways
  2. Give – to organisations working directly on the ground
  3. Write to your MP
  4. Sign a petition
  5. Raise awareness on social media

NazareneCharacterYou may have seen on Facebook some people had changed their profile picture to the image on the left. ‘N’, or ن in Arabic, is the symbol used by the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) to identify who is a Nazarene – a Christian. It has been drawn on doorways and in front of houses in captured Iraqi cities, allowing militants to quickly assert where the loyalties of the inhabitants lie. I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. – Psalm 121:1-2



Please join us to pray for our missionaries, ministries and projects around the world. Your prayers make such a difference to the lives of many you may never meet. If you click on the following link to Elim Missions you will get up to date information of the many Elim missionaries worldwide.

Here’s just a few of their stories …


  • John & Rachel McDonoughJohn & Rachel McDonough: Paraguay

    Rachel and John have had real breakthrough as they continue their work with a small Guarani community in Paraguay. Not long ago they were asked to attend a meeting in the village to discuss their role in the community; they feared they might be asked to leave. Instead they we thanked for all the help they had given to the people and told that if they really were missionaries, they should officially begin teaching everyone the Bible! This was such an encouragement and it is really evident that God is fully in control of the work they are doing. We ask that you continue praying for their new Bible classes and that God would continue to provide the necessary means for Rachel and John to preach the gospel effectively to the Guarani people.

  • Martin & Rebeca DavisonMartin & Rebeca Davison: Brazil

    Martin Davison is from Northern Ireland and he first went to Brazil in 2002 to practice as a missionary dentist in Maues, deep in the Amazon. But God had other plans. He met and married Rebeca, a local girl, and became involved with the ministry of the Living Word Church, overseen by Rebeca’s brother-in-law Pastor Tinho. Martin and Rebeca have two children, Daniel born in 2004 and Elizabeth in 2006. Martin is assistant to Pastor Tinho at Living Word Church and he also supervises several of the cell groups. Rebeca is Head Teacher at the Living Word School and runs the school along with Martin. The school has around 100 pupils from the poorest areas.